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Aron Croft

Jacqui Pugh Testimonial

“Getting to be a guest on the 20TIMinutes Podcast with Tim was an absolute BLAST! He is just as raw and authentic off camera as he is on the show – a quality I always appreciate when collaborating with fellow creators! Tim brings awareness and comedy to the mental health community at a GREAT capacity and I’m beyond grateful to have been brought onto the show!.”
– Ellocin Daz, Blue is Beautiful

“Recording with Tim was so much fun. He led the conversation really well where we were able to talk about lighthearted topics and also get into some deeper topics to make sure his listeners got valuable information and guidance. He does a great job with the planning and navigating the conversation and is truly enjoyable to have a conversation with!.”
– Kelsea Koenreich

“Talking with Tim on 20TIMinutes was such a fun experience. It can be challenging to discuss heavy topics. Tim provides a safe, educational atmosphere with a comedic twist. It made for a recording experience that was comfortable and relaxed, and an episode that touched on important points but was not overly depressing. I had a great time chatting with Tim and love listening to his episodes.”
– Nenia Corcoran, Author Speaker, & Survivor

“I had a great time on 20TIMinutes. Good dude, good times, and while I can’t say this for sure. I am pretty sure he looks great naked. Thank you for shedding a light on mental health issues that used to be taboo only a few years ago, and for actually doing a little bit of research to make me feel like you care. Keep fighting the good fight, and for god’s sake shave your balls.”
– Ralph Sutton, Host of the SDR Podcast & the GoodSugar Podcast

“Tim was an awesome interviewer, getting the best out of me meaning the audience get all the gems! It was a really natural conversation and Tim had a lot to offer and most importantly – it was fun!”
Dhruvin Patel, Optometrist & Founder of Ocushield

“I really enjoy listening to Tim’s podcast and have gained a tremendous amount from hearing about his mental health journey. It was a pleasure coming on the podcast to speak about mental health, depression and suicide and to try and move the conversation forward and help people out who are struggling with these challenges. Tim did a great job facilitating the interview and I’m glad that we were able to have a meaningful conversation around an oftentimes taboo subject.”
Joe Kuttler, Author of the book, The Happy Hotline

“Talking with Tim on 20TIMinutes was such an honor! Tim does such a great job of breaking down difficult topics in a way that makes it easy for listeners to understand. His questions made me feel comfortable to share about my background with anxiety and racism at work in ways that I didn’t expect to. Tim makes it so easy to have important conversations about mental health and I’m so grateful that he does it!”
Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio, MBA, Founder of SLD Wellness

“I had such a great time talking with Tim! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while discussing depression. Tim is smart, funny, empathetic, and completely genuine in his interest and curiosity. He makes it easy and comfortable to talk about big scary topics and, in doing so, gives his audience a way to learn about those scary topics that feels safe and welcoming. It’s quite a feat. If you have the opportunity to be interviewed by Tim, do it!”
JoEllen Notte, the Redhead Bedhead

“Tim is a great host and makes you feel comfortable when talking about uncomfortable things. It’s great to talk to a fellow traveler and discuss honestly the good, the bad, and the ugly about our mental health journeys. He also keeps the show moving with insight, compassion, and humor. Keep up the good work, Tim!”
Chris Mancini, Comedian

“I had such an amazing time chatting with Tim and loved how fun he made everything! Tim’s personality is 💥💥💥 and gave such a great twist to every question you asked. I find that many podcast interviews are similar in structure and questions but this one caught me off guard in the best ways which made it fun. Could not recommend it more!”
– Andie Colleen, Mindset Coach

“Talking with Tim was such a fun, enjoyable experience. It didn’t feel like a podcast as much as it felt like two friends hanging out and talking about topics we felt really passionately about. He’s easy to talk to, creative, and fun but not in a way that detracts from serious topics in a distasteful way. You can tell he’s a great guy ”
– Jenna Overbaugh, Licensed Therapist, LPC

“Hanging out with Tim to record the podcast was an absolute honor and a pleasure. Tim has a great way of speaking on important topics while still keeping his levity.  He made us incredibly comfortable and was super organized prior to recording. He gave us all of the information upfront and made our conversation incredibly simple and friendly. He helped direct us and truly brought out the best from us! We are delighted we got the opportunity to work with Tim and look forward to hopefully working with him again soon! “
Vince and Gracie w/ Love-Brain Company 

“Hey, friends! I am SO grateful to have been a part of Tim’s podcast! Having a safe space to talk about the shit that’s really hard to talk about is no easy feat, yet this is exactly what Tim has managed to create for his guests and his audience. Thank you Tim! For championing mental health and talking about the stuff that just isn’t super fun to talk about. Love you friend!”
Rachelle Rozon

“Tim is the best!!!! His podcast is honest, welcoming, and entertaining. It was a total honor to chat with Tim and share my story of personal anxiety and mental fitness. This show is a safe space for people to work on themselves, celebrate themselves, and come together as a collective. Lots of love!”
Liv Bowser w/ Liberate Studio

“Tim is the real deal, he brings personal experience, preparation, humor and a sense of calmness to the podcast. Talking about personal struggles can be challenging, yet Tim has the ability to make your time together comfortable and fun. The connection Tim has with his guests is very genuine. My only regret was that I didn’t get to speak longer with this incredible man. You will be moved with each episode of 20TIMinutes Podcast.  And hands down, if I had the chance to shake Brutus “The Barber” Beefcakes hand or Tim McCarthys, Tim wins everytime! Keep up the great work my friend”
Nate Carroll

“I had so much fun chatting with you! You’re a real, genuine person and your passion is clear as day. You asked good questions, made me think, and made me laugh! You were so open and willing to learn, which made me feel right at home almost immediately. Could not recommend you more.”
Tom Rudd

“Tim is a terrific host and great guy! His questions were deep and incisive and I found myself sharing stories I hadn’t thought of in years. In other words, connecting with Tim, got me to go deep. I felt like we were “brothers from another mother” from the start. Like the best of family (my younger brother that is!), Tim super easy to connect with.”
– Sara Schley, Author of the book, BrainStorm

“I had such a great time with Tim on the 20TIMinutes Podcast! Right from the beginning he set a different energy than other podcasts I have been a guest on by playing Rock Paper Scissors. The topic we were discussing has the potential to be overwhelming and starting off with a game reminded me that we can always find moments of fun and joy in our day if we choose to. I appreciate Tim’s ability to listen openly and without judgment and ask questions from a genuine place of curiosity. The work he is doing, the conversations he is making space for, and the authenticity in which he shows up is truly amazing and refreshing. We need more people like Tim having these conversations to remind us that we are never alone and the importance of talking about Mental Health. It’s normal and human to have feelings and it’s ok to allow ourselves to feel them and share them. Thank you Tim for being a wonderful role model for us all!”
– Stephanie Simpson, MFA, MA, CPC, ELI-MP

“I had a blast on the show. The energy was amazing and in all my years of being a guest on a podcasts…this is by far one of my favorites. It could be because we found out we‘re incredibly similar but I believe it has to do with how vibrant, positive, caring, and inspirational Tim is. He takes deep interest in your story and want to improve the quality of the world, one guest at a time. I’d definitely come back!”
– Kohdi Rayne, Liver Failure Survivor

This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a mental health podcast. It’s admirable how open and honest Tim is with both the audience and the guests on the show. It was a great time and I hope to be back one day. 
– Joe Barksdale, Comedian, Musician & Former NFL athlete,

“It’s always nerve-wracking to discuss addiction, recovery, and grief- but talking to Tim put me right at ease, and infused well-placed humor into such heavy topics. Tim asks very insightful questions, and makes his guests feel important and seen. You can tell he does his research for every guest, and his curiosity really opens up the conversation and makes the interview unique. Plus, I crushed him at “rock, paper, scissors,” so after that, talking was easy! 20TIMinutes was so much fun to be a part of, and I’m really grateful to have been a guest. Thanks, Tim, for your platform and advocacy!”
– Chelsea Pegues, Host of the Stiicky Eddie Podcast

“One of the best podcasts to be a part of! Tim & his wife are like family now. Tim is so easy to connect with & get along with, he makes you feel very comfortable to open up and share your story on his platform. Tim is helping pave the way mental health is shared, talked about, and even bringing some fun with it. Tim is making it possible for more people to share their journey, not feel alone, & helping so many others feel relatable! Love you my brother from another mother!”
Lindsay Martin of She Space

“This was quite possibly the best podcast that I have had the pleasure of being a part of! The way Tim allows his guests to be themselves and feel so comfortable is a real talent. Genuinely a top bloke and now someone I can call a mate. The only thing I can’t forgive is losing in Rock Paper Scissors, everything else is great though”
– Taylor James w/ the Waffle Shop Podcast

“This Being on 20TIMinutes had me CRACKING up. It was such a joy to share such a deep message but with a playful twist. Not only does that make it uplifting and enjoyable to listen to but Tim also creates an environment that feels safe to comfortably share a story that is hard to share. It’s a unique experience unlike any other interview I’ve done and I’m so thankful that he set a new standard for this industry. So freaking excited to see what you create with this platform.”
– Laura Martin, Founder of Healing to Happy

“It was an absolute pleasure being on Tim’s podcast. He is an enthusiastic, highly empathetic and strong-willed soul that genuinely cares and is engaged with the people he speaks to. I hope the podcast continues to grow and more people are able to see your work and hear your voice. I highly recommend checking Tim’s work out.”
– Felicity Feline, Adult Entertainer

“We are fortunate to appear on numerous podcasts and Tim proved to be one of the very best podcast host that we have encountered. Yes, he has insights, wit and wisdom to pare, but his empathy shines through. He listens. He pays attention. He was able to distill the best from us and we are so grateful. Tim is making a difference in the world.”
– John & Mark X. Cronin from John’s Crazy Socks

“I had such a great time with Tim on the 20TIMinutes Podcast! Right from the beginning. Being on Tim’s podcast was an experience that made me feel valued, seen, and less alone! He has this amazing capability to conduct an interview while also engaging in real talk. He went beyond the layers of my achievements and highlight reel by providing a genuine space to have a vulnerable conversation. The rock-paper-scissors game was also the best ice breaker :)”
– Scout Sobel of Scout’s Agency

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