“This was quite possibly the best podcast that I have had the pleasure of being a part of! The way Tim allows his guests to be themselves and feel so comfortable is a real talent. Genuinely a top bloke and now someone I can call a mate. The only thing I can’t forgive is losing in Rock Paper Scissors, everything else is great though”
– Taylor James w/ the Waffle Shop Podcast

“I had a blast on the show. The energy was amazing and in all my years of being a guest on a podcasts…this is by far one of my favorites. It could be because we found out we‘re incredibly similar but I believe it has to do with how vibrant, positive, caring, and inspirational Tim is. He takes deep interest in your story and want to improve the quality of the world, one guest at a time. I’d definitely come back!”
– Kohdi Rayne

“Hanging out with Tim to record the podcast was an absolute honor and a pleasure. Tim has a great way of speaking on important topics while still keeping his levity.  He made us incredibly comfortable and was super organized prior to recording. He gave us all of the information upfront and made our conversation incredibly simple and friendly. He helped direct us and truly brought out the best from us! We are delighted we got the opportunity to work with Tim and look forward to hopefully working with him again soon! “
Vince and Gracie with Love-Brain Company 

“I had so much fun chatting with you! You’re a real, genuine person and your passion is clear as day. You asked good questions, made me think, and made me laugh! You were so open and willing to learn, which made me feel right at home almost immediately. Could not recommend you more.”
Tom Rudd

Hey, friends! I am SO grateful to have been a part of Tim’s podcast! Having a safe space to talk about the shit that’s really hard to talk about is no easy feat, yet this is exactly what Tim has managed to create for his guests and his audience. Thank you Tim! For championing mental health and talking about the stuff that just isn’t super fun to talk about. Love you friend!
Rachelle Rozon

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