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You can support this podcast in many ways. Here are some suggestions:

I’m always looking for new listeners & the easiest way to accomplish that is to share my podcast with friends and family via your social media or word of mouth! Then if you’re feeling generous you can also make a donation to help cover costs. Anyone that donates will receive a shoutout on the podcast!

  • Linktree – A full comprehensive list with clickable links that direct you on where to listen to my podcast, my social media accounts, how to download my app & much more! This is the easiest one to share!
  • Social Media – Here are my social media profiles that have all the same handle: @20TIMinutes!
  • Leave a Review – Nothing makes 20TIMinutes look better than a 5-star review!
    • Apple Podcast App – Leaving a positive review that helps the podcast grow. The more reviews I get the better I can move up in the standings
    • Podchaser – A definitive podcasting database. It’s like it’s own social media for podcasters. You can make a profile and follow your favorite podcast, 20TIMinutes! Include me in your Top 8 and leave me a positive review!
  • Monetarily – There are costs for running a podcast. Paying hosting sites so I don’t lose my old episodes, buying new equipment, replacing equipment, & covering costs for pre-ordering merch!
    • Buy Me a Coffee [Virtual Hug] – The site is a creative way for you to show support by purchasing a membership (with benefits) or buying exclusive extras.
    • Direct Payments – Want to make it simple? Donate to me direct & any denomination you see fit. You can also use these form of payments for merchandise!

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