Tim is a mental health advocate, Suicide attempt survivor & the host of the podcast, 20TIMinutes!

About Your Host!

Tim McCarthy is an adult man-child who loves nothing more than to make people laugh. He isn’t opposed to being the center of attention either, even if it’s at his own expense. Tim always knew something was off with him mentally entering into his high school years. During that time he knew he had undiagnosed ADHD with a hint of depression. A lot of that was kept in over the years until it built into something more. On May 5th 2019, Tim attempted to take his own life, but fortunately, he did not follow through Tim. After that he knew it was time to get professional help. Tim was then officially diagnosed with having ADHD, Anxiety and Bipolar II / Manic Depression. Feeling ashamed at first, Tim has come to terms that this is who he is and that he shouldn’t be embarrassed about it anymore. He is very grateful for the help of his friends, family & therapy to getting to where he is today! Since getting his life back on track, Tim has made it his goal to help as many people as he can that also suffer from some form of mental health issues. Thus the creation of 20TIMinutes. You don’t have to hide in the dark anymore, we can do this together!

Tim is a mental health advocate, and is not a professional in the field of mental health. Tim only speaks about his own personal stories and what helps him. Everyone is different and Tim suggests that if you need advice or treatment to seek actual professional advice by a mental health professional or another qualified health provider. If you are feeling suicidal and are in the United States, Call 9-1-1. If anywhere else, please click the following link:
Abroad Emergency Numbers

Fun Facts About Tim